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Old Mountain Farm Torrid Quinn *B
Old Mountain Farm Magik Dragon
Old Mountain Farm Shyloh
CH CUat Lil Red Barn Gonzales
Price for five straws
Semen Sales Policy
If you would like to buy semen from us we can bring our tank to shows that we attend, we are also able to ship the semen to you. 
If we ship to you we ask for you to pay for the price of the shipper, then we will return the cost of the shipper after it is returned to us. We are not responsible for any shipping costs. 
We will not accept refunds or returns on semen that has been shipped or picked up at a show. 
To view pedigree and links to progeny we have owned click on links above. 
All semen below collected by Capra Gia Genetics
All semen below collected by B&D Genetics
CUat Lil Red Barn Whistle Back
Old Mountain Farm Worthy Rival *B
CH CUat Lil Red Barn Fred
CUat Lil Red Barn Heathrow *B
CUat Lil Red Barn Quiet Riot *B
Old Mountain Farm Pumpernickel