Senior Does, 1st Fresheners,Junior Does,Bucks & Junior Bucks
Last updated: 7/14/2019

If you are considering adding a goat to your herd or just starting a herd of your own, please contact us. We are constantly evaluating our herd numbers and usually have goats we might consider selling. 
In addition to available kids, each year we will select a number of Junior and Senior Does as well as a Buck or two to sell. This typically occurs during the summer and fall and is done to maintain a consistent herd size. 

The first question you might ask when considering the purchase of a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat is "What makes a responsible breeder?" 

A responsible breeder will have made the investment in quality animals . 

A responsible breeder will protect that investment by providing them with quality care and will perform regular testing to ensure their herd is free from disease. 
We reserve the right to retain any and all kids from any breeding. 

Before Leaving Our Farm:
All kids are registered with ADGA (AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION), except wethers. All kids can be tattooed, disbudded, castrated (if applicable), and have received their first vaccinations. All of our kids are inspected by a veterinarian and we guarantee that all goats are healthy and free from any visible defects at the time they leave the farm. No kids are sold with visible health issues, unless the buyer has been notified and has openly stated that they would still like to buy the kid with any problems. Should health problems or physical defects become apparent at a later date, we cannot allow the goat to be returned to our farm for bio-security reasons. However, if it has proven that a problem existed at birth, or was caused by mis-management at our farm, we will make every effort to provide satisfaction to the buyer, up to a full refund of the animal at the price posted on our website for a kid out of that doe.

Picking Up or Shipping:
While we prefer that goats are picked up at our farm or a show, we will ship out. The buyer is responsible for all asociated shipping costs including: crate, veterinary tests/certificates, air fare, etc. We will not ship a kid less than eight weeks old and will not ship when weather presents threats due to time of year, temperature, or other conditions that might be hazardous to the kid's health. 

​Reservations are taken on does that appear on our Breeding Schedule in the order in which they are received. If the kid you reserved is not born we will keep you on the dam's reservation list unless told otherwise. Once the kids are born you will be notified if the kid you requested is available. At that time we can email photos. Once you have decided that you want the kid you reserved we require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold the kid until pick up time. If you send a deposit then decide that you no longer want the kid ten days after the deposit was sent we will expect a fee of $10 per day after the ten days, up to the value of the kid, as a boarding fee for the kid, this means you have ten days to decide you no longer want the kid before you have to pay boarding fees. If the kid is not picked up within 10 weeks of the time of the deposit we hold the right to keep or resell the kid and will not charge the $10 per day. All goats must be paid for in full before they leave CU AT LIL‘RED BARN. 

As the owner of the goats that we sell we reserve the right to back out of any sale with a full refund of what has been paid including the non refundable deposit. We also reserve the right to determine where we sell our goats and also reserve the right to refuse any reservations.

After Leaving Our Farm
If an animal was sold with visible illnesses or defects and the buyer openly stated that they would still like to buy the animal with the illness or defect we are not responsible for any problems that might arise with the sold animal or with any animal that may become sick from the animal once the sold animal has left our property. If an animal does not fit in well with your herd for any reason from fighting or just being an annoyance, or anything else, we are not responsible for any damage the animal may cause on the buyer's farm and we will not buy the animal back or give a refund. Once the animal has left our farm it is no longer ours and we are not responsible for it's actions.

We do not accept responsibility for a goat that does not meet your expectations at maturity. There are no guarantees of potential. Each of us accepts that risk with every goat, or other animal, we purchase.