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Senior Does, 1st Fresheners,Junior Does,Bucks & Junior Bucks
Last updated: 4/18/2016

If you are considering adding a goat to your herd or just starting a herd of your own, please contact us. We are constantly evaluating our herd numbers and usually have goats we might consider selling. Discounts given for multiple purchases.
In addition to available kids, each year we will select a number of Junior and Senior Does as well as a Buck or two to sell. This typically occurs during the summer and fall and is done to maintain a consistent herd size. 

The first question you might ask when considering the purchase of a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat is "What makes a responsible breeder?" 

A responsible breeder will have made the investment in quality animals . 

A responsible breeder will protect that investment by providing them with quality care and will perform regular testing to ensure their herd is free from disease. 

A responsible breeder will remain available after your purchase to provide ongoing support
Reservations are taken on planned breedings that appear on our Kidding Schedule in the order in which they are received. Once the kids have arrived you will be notified if the kid you requested is or is not available. At that time, we will email or mail photos. Once you have reserved the kid and the kid has been born we require a non-refundable deposit of $50 to hold the kid until pick up time, if you are still interested with the kid.  All goats must be paid for in full before they leave CU AT LIL‘RED BARN.

We reserve the right to retain any and all kids from any breeding. 

All kids are registered with ADGA (AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION), Wethers are not registered. All kids are tattooed, disbudded, castrated (if applicable), and have received their first vaccinations. All of our kids are inspected by a veterinarian and we guarantee that all goats are healthy and free from any visible defects at the time they leave the farm. Should health problems or physical defects become apparent at a later date, we cannot allow the goat to be returned to our farm for bio-security reasons. However, if a veterinarian has determined that a problem existed at birth, or was caused by mis-management at our farm, we will make every effort to provide satisfaction to the buyer.

We cannot accept responsibility for a goat that does not meet your expectations at maturity. There are no guarantees of potential. Each of us accepts that risk with every goat, or other animal, we purchase.

While we prefer that goats are picked up at the farm, on occasion we will ship out. The buyer is responsible for all asociated shipping costs including crate, veterinary tests/certificates, air fare, etc. We will not ship a kid less than 8 weeks old and will not ship when weather presents threats due to time of year, temperature or other conditions that might be hazardous to the kid's health. Generally, kids will not be shipped between May 15th and September 15th due to warmer temperatures and the associated transport risks.

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