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***Herd tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnes, and Q Fever in March 2021.***
***Our herd is also certified clean for TB and Brucellosis***

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Last updated: 11/1/2021
2016 show season ribbons
2015 shows season ribbons
2014 shows season ribbons
2013 shows season ribbons
Our herd name was once Jasper's Harem for six months due to a delayed name switch. This is why a few of our does official herd name is Jasper's Harem.
Previous home of the  
2017 and 2018 ADGA Reserve National Champion Nigerian Dwarfs
2018 ADGA National Nigerian Dwarf Best Udder
2018 ADGA National Show Nigerian Dwarf Premier Exhibitor
2017 ADGA National Show Nigerian Dwarf Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor
2018 ADGA National First Place Dairy Herd
2017 ADGA National First Place Get of Sire
2017 show season ribbons
2018 show season ribbons
    The CUatLilRedBarn herd is now owned by Barb and Greg Brown at Atwood Acres!!! If you would like to make any reservations for kids please contact them, their email is or they can be reached by their facebook page, Atwood Acres- Nigerian Dwarf goats. Cassel family is no longer handling any sales or reservations.

    If you have any questions or concerns about goats that were sold by the Cassel family please contact the CUatLilRedBarn facebook page or email us at